Did God have a hand in He Is Not Alone

As I read “He Is Not Alone” and listen to the sermons at church over the last few months at church, I am amazed at the number of correlations between the Bible and the book. Even small things that happen to Will at times are found in the Bible. Could it be that GOD was co-writing this to help us better understand his word?

When I first started writing He Is Not Alone, it was suppose to be a Science Fiction book for a class I was taking with James Patterson.  In fact the first half of the book does not tie in with religion in any way and was going to be the first book in a series.  As I started writing the second book in the series that things changed.  First, I quickly learned that the two books would not stand on their own and ended up combining them.  Second my understanding of the story line changed.  It became apparent that Will had a mission.  Soon that mission had to come from somewhere.  Will’s powers had to have a reason and a source.  As I wrote the story I found it easier at times to write.  Sometimes I couldn’t type fast enough to keep the words flowing.

I hope you enjoy “He Is Not Alone”.  I would appreciate any feedback or comments on the book.

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