Kansas City Volcano

Allen is a world renowned volcanologist, Dennis is his trainee. Together they discover that the worlds volcanoes are possibly linked together in such a way that when one erupts it could trigger others around the world to erupt, some like Yellowstone are Super Volcanoes. They also find that Kansas City is sitting on an old caldera and is linked to Yellowstone. If Yellowstone erupted, it could mean the end of the United States and the entire northern hemisphere.

They soon discover that there are more than a few linked volcanoes. When a single volcano in Alaska starts to come alive, Allen tries to warn the government that this could be the trigger that ends the world. The Director of the Geological Survey Office, thinks Allen and his theory are farfetched and Allen is fired when he tells the world that the end is near.

God warned us that fire would be next. Is this the end?

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He wants to help mankind, government wants him dead!

June 29th, 2017, Clermont, FL

Book Title: He Is Not Alone

Will Symthe awakes from a coma after a car accident and finds his wife is dead. He soon discovers that he has some unique abilities, starting with; he can understand the thoughts of man. He soon learns that he can also control the thoughts of those he is around. As he begins to understand what he is capable of, a dilemma starts to build, what to do with his abilities. He wants to use his abilities to help mankind, the government would rather he was dead. Will has to find out what he is destined to do while staying alive and convincing the government to leave him alone. A surprise is in store, he is not alone.


Author Quote:

“Not since Jesus has a man had the abilities to control the mind or body of others, Will is a man with a monumental struggle, read what is in store for him and his struggles.” States Raymond Laubert, the author.

About the Author:

Mr. Laubert is a retired Air Force Veteran living currently in the Clermont, FL area.  He and his wife Daisy are full time recreational vehicle owners and will be traveling around the country once he is finished with his Veterans Administration Disability Claim.  Mr. Laubert has written several non-fiction books including Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV.  His latest fiction work “He Is Not Alone” is a result of his taking a writing course with James Patterson.  He is currently writing a follow up book called “You Are Not Alone” which will see Will continue his struggle against the church this time.

Contact Information:

Raymond Laubert
website: http://heisnotalone.com